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Watch full HD Movie Kangalal Kaidhu Sei is a Tamil language film, written and directed by Bharathiraja. It stars Vaseegaran in the protagonist's role and marks actress Priyamani's debut in the Tamil film industry. Music was scored by A. R. Rahman.

John Vaseegaran is a young man who ranks fifth richest millionaire in India and 30th on the international level. The plot opens in a graveyard where Vaseegran's parents' funeral takes place. He is not disturbed by the demise of his parents as he had not been showered with any affection by them instead concentrated only on making money. A lady of his community expresses her condolence to him and leaves. While getting into her car she finds her diamond ring is missing and screams; the lost ring is in Vaseegaran's pocket.

Vasee inherits the huge property of his parents and becomes the chairman of 32 companies in his twenties. Though rich he seeks true motherhood affection. He imagines his dream girl and names her Cinderella. He is a Kleptomaniac. He consults his family doctor for a solution. The doctor instructs him to get into love.

Vidhya, a young woman, sees Vasee stealing a crystal from a shopping mall. She tries to report it to mall authorities. A diamond exhibition is organised and one of the millionaires is exhibiting his special diamond which is worth 100 million. It is different from other diamonds, with 16 reflecting faces. This tempts Vasee. He visits the diamond exhibition. The special diamond is under the responsibility of Vidhya. She sees Vaseegaran at the exhibition and becomes alerted. Despite special tight security Vaseegaran manages to steal the diamond and happily leave. Vidhya is about to be arrested. She pleas to cancel the arrest. She remembers Vasee's presence and relates the old incident of crystal theft. She immediately understands Vasee is the thief and tells police. But cops don't believe her as he is a wealthy man. The owner of the diamond is ready to believe her words as he relates the diamond ring theft in the graveyard.

With no evidence, a drama is organised by Vidhya to get back the diamond and fetch evidence. She enters Vasee's home as his personal secretary. Vasee wants her to be dressed with modern attire and she does so. He looks sees imaginary dream girl Cinderella in Vidhya and starts develops a love for her. She is not interested in him. Meanwhile, Vidhya searches for diamond and spots it in a big fish tank. She attempts to get back while Vasee is away home and does so when he leaves for a meeting. Vasee rushes back to home when suddenly Vidhya disappears and when he was informed by his family doctor at airport that Vidhya and a police officer who is her fiancé met him for an inquiry about Vasee. At home he sees the broken fish tank and understands that Vidhya took the diamond. Vidhya was happy as she is relieved from the first charge, but she is charged again for the theft.

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